Our Policy and Response to COVID-19

Dear Parents,
Since the Superintendents, the Governor and the County Health Department have stated that school will not resume before the end of the school year, we have redesigned our academic/developmental distance-learning program to respond to a need for more academic readiness and differential learning possibilities for students through the end of the school year. We have also taken many of your survey suggestions into account. Here is some information to help you to understand what you will begin to see next week:

Apart from our zoom circles, we will begin interactive zoom lessons – the teacher presenting sequential academic lessons in language and in math, allowing the students to respond (or just watch if they tend to be observers). The lessons will last approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the age and level of the students. These lessons will provide face time with the teacher.

We will divide the lessons according to the groups under which your child is listed for work plans. However, as is the case in the classroom, any child can attend any session. If the lesson is more complicated, the teacher will just allow the child to observe and enjoy. There will be six lessons daily for Primary (preschool) students (three in math; three in language).
There will also be zoom lessons in cultural languages: Mandarin, Spanish and French. Times: The times are listed at the bottom of this letter, and on each new work plan, along with the zoom links. If a certain time does not work, your child can sit in on a different lesson, or all of them.

Our work plans and video lesson program continues to be something that you can ultimately ‘lean in or lean out’ as you choose. Things that do not connect with your time frame, knowledge set or comfortability can be let go. Our program is designed to offer some of the same academic lessons in varied format – much like the Montessori classroom.

Teachers are reaching out to parents 1:1 via phone each week. If you would like goals set for the next two months, please ask them for a goal-setting meeting, and they can schedule time. Additionally, in work plans, we will attempt to clarify the goal for each lesson.

1:1 TIME
Teachers are connecting with families 1:1 each week. If you’d like that time to be via zoom, rather than on the phone – and with your child directly, please let us know,


We’ve been asked for tips to help children remain focused. We are sharing that with our teachers and they will attempt to work on that, and see how that goes with the interactive zoom lessons. It is our hope that we can give parents some short spurts of time away from their child during the interactive zoom lessons.

We have attempted to structure the interactive lessons, so that siblings do not have interfering lessons. It is definitely fine for siblings to sit in on lessons with their classes together – if that is ok with the sibling. Our hope is that lessons can follow a work plan time, giving the other child the opportunity to engage with their class.

Finally, we thank you sincerely for letting us know how you can support the school during these months, as you know it. We are still trying to hear back from everyone, however, from that total, we were able to maintain some of our teachers. We shared the budget with the Parent Council as well. We have furloughed at least 1/3 of our staff, which means that they know that they were not laid off – they do have a position to return to in June. If you do not see your child’s teacher in the regular videos, it may be because they have been furloughed. As we do not have permission to release all names, we hope that you will appreciate that this is sensitive, personal information to some.
We have also applied to all available loans and are awaiting response regarding the PPP and the EIDL. When we know how we stand with that, we will let you know. We have been asked by some parents if they can donate funds toward teachers’ salaries. We have asked our 501 (c)3 fiscal sponsor if they would allow donations toward salaries to be acceptable as tax deductible donations according to their mission and governance. They need to meet and will let us know. I will ask the Parent Council to receive those funds, if so, and to develop some equitable, legal manner of distribution. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.