Our Policy and Response to COVID-19

Lessons and Lesson Plans
Our staff will be creating and sharing lessons and lesson plans for your students daily. Each class will be separated into three groups (triangle, circle, and square). There will be lesson plans curated to each group. An email will be sent out by tomorrow telling you which group your child is in, and you will receive your first lesson plan March 17th at 3 PM. 
These lesson plans will typically include two lessons per section of learning (Math, Language Arts: Writing /Reading/Spelling, Cultural Subjects, Practical Life, Sensorial, *Circle: Story and 2 Songs).
*Some lessons will be available in video form (more info about this below!)
Staff will be creating and sending out packets with handwriting papers, number counting sheets, and more. The documents sent out will be the ones that are needed for your child’s daily lesson plans. We will be scanning these to families. A sample of what this might look like is here.
If you do not have access to a printer, staff will be compiling paper packets which will be left at Encinal for pickup. If you are unable to get to Encinal to pick up these packets, please email back with your address and we will see to getting a packet dropped off at your home.
We have created a YouTube channel where we will be uploading lessons and videos created by the teachers that your children have come to know and love. These videos will include math lessons, circle time, language lessons, and more.
For videos created by TCU staff for toddlers, click here
For videos created by TCU staff for primary students, click here.
For videos created by MEISA staff for elementary students, click here.
For videos that include Circle Time and reading, click here.
For videos created by other Montessorians around the world, click here.
Montessori-at-Home Tips
We recognize that not all families have the capacity for students to learn on devices during the day, and not all families want students using devices. We are working to ensure our remote lessons are accessible without needing to use technology throughout. Today, we are sharing with you a list of 49 Montessori-inspired indoor activities to keep your little ones engaged and learning. We are also in the process of creating a list of supplies that the average family can find in their household that can be used to replicate some Montessori materials!
Parent Support
We will continue to roll out more learning pathways for your children during this time. We appreciate your graciousness and are working hard to make steps which help you support your child (and yourselves!) during the current climate. In an effort to also support our parents, we will be gathering and sharing resources to assist with the stress that can come from situations like this.
Today’s resource/tip is:
Alameda Food Bank
Due to coronavirus precautions, starting Tuesday, March 16, the Alameda Food Bank will temporarily be moving their pantry to their warehouse: 650 W Ranger Avenue, Alameda Point. For pantry distribution hours and more information, please visit their website: http://www.alamedafoodbank.org/afb-news-p1/